Tuesday, January 12, 2010

you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to...

I have had the luxury of a lot of time lately, which is good for my crafting and creativity but seriously bad for my checking account. I am very proud to say that I have taught myself basic crochet form a kids' crochet book and am now majorly addicted to it! I made this little "hipster headscarf" and am currently working on a hat. (I like to make stuff to wear and when I learned to knit I made more scarves than any one person should ever have need for! especially when that person lives in the deep south!)

when I was in the grocery store I saw an amazingly cute girl and noticed she had on an adorable crocheted flower headband. I asked her if she made it and she said that her friend had and that she sold them in her etsy store but she couldn't remember the name. long story short she reached into her bag and pulled out another headband that was too small for her and just gave it to me! SO NICE! I love meeting adorable, kind strangers! sadly though, it was too small for me as well... but it did prompt me to learn to make my own!

my resolution of sorts for the new year is to make something (or at least work on the process of making something) every single day... even if it's only for 15 minutes. so far so good!
yesterday I threw together this carry case for my knitting and crochet supplies. it's definately not my best sewing - I was in a hurry and my machine is acting totally crazy... need to have it serviced asap!

don't you just love that pink & red doggie fabric?! speaking of, here's my sweet baby lounging in the sunshine.

she curled up with my project and stole my spot. it's ok though cause I've got it back and she's asleep in my lap and I'm about to crochet while listening to Simon & Garfunkle on vinyl... all is good!

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