Monday, December 28, 2009

perfect knit hat

I wanted this hat from a local holiday craft bazaar but the seller only accepted cash and we didn't have any on us. p said he'd go back and get it for me but when he tried it was already sold... or so he said! it ended up in my stocking and I couldn't have been happier- LURVE IT!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i haven't been feeling the season, so-to-speak. sad but true. i figure instead of being grinchy, i'll just post some pretty pics of recent thrift finds and hope that you enjoy!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

counting chicks before they hatch

no pics yet, but I just rinsed out my second round of tie-dye attempts and they look like they not only worked but are actually very cool! so excited! I hope everyone had a great weekend -check back for photographic evidence tomorrow!!!
until then, here's my holiday banner cut from the pages of an old anthro catalog:

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Friday, December 18, 2009

wicked witch of the south

the other day i wore these over the knee socks i got in italy over a decade ago!

i have always thought the "rule" that one should wear a longer hemline with a lower neckline and a higher neckline with a shorter hemline was a good one to follow. and as an extension, i think that if you are wearing an item that tends to be interpreted as very sexy you should pair it with less sexy things.
it's just me. i fear looking like i'm vying for too much attention with an outfit.
so the day i decided to wear a very short skirt with thigh high stockings, i also decided to wear "ugly" shoes to even things out a bit.
i ended up looking a bit like the wicked witch trapped under that house!

oh well, la di dah!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


here's an older outfit post featuring my new tartan skirt.

everything's thrifted with the exception of my nine west boots!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

not quite as easy as pie...

the incomparable "miss james" over at bleubird vintage (my new fav blog) made a post about these adorable pies in a jar and i just had to give them a shot. i needed something special for my clients that would be personal and yet easy on the wallet.

for the record, i am terrible in the kitchen. terrible. but i gave it my best shot:

i decided to make mine a mixture of pear and cherries. they didn't turn out as pretty as miss james' so i decided my packaging needed to make up for it. i've been on a pompom kick (as has every other crafty gal on the internet it would appear!) and used some of them to add a special something to my jars:

i also have been using my pompoms to spruce up my gifts! pompoms are the BEST!

i can't figure out why my pics are all going in sideways - ??? any clue? they are normal in the folder i upload them from....

Monday, December 14, 2009

want a good laugh?

well, here are my tie-dyed tights:


yes, I disregarded the instructions that I should/could dye only natural materials and just went for it on those thrift store tights thinking "they've *got* to be mostly cotton with maybe some Lycra thrown it... eh, it'll be fiiiiiiine." I even gave them an extra 12 hours or so to cure so that they'd really soak up the dye.
as I rinsed them literally ALL of the color came out of them. (note: the ones on the left started off a yellowy/ivory color, not white)
sooooo, I'm off to look for inexpensive light colored 100% COTTON tights or leggings. I'm hoping to find some somewhere that are less than those at American Apparel so let me know if you've got a tip!
I haven't given up!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have a funny feeling this isn't going to work... but it will be a fun adventure either way. I went to my local art supply store this afternoon and got dye to tie-dye some thrift store tights. I'll report back!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

holy cowl!

i have not set foot into a GAP in soooo long. that was, until yesterday. i guess it is those commercials they are airing with the models in all of those cool flannel and plaid shirts layered just right... i dunno. i'm a sucker for advertising. donald draper would own me with his brilliance and i wouldn't mind one bit :)

they actually had a lot of good stuff. i ended up spending money i don't really have but i got some really great things on sale - i've kept everything in the bag with the tags on except this big ole sweater that i have already found perfect for a cold day when you just don't feel like messing with a coat. the major plus for me is that it's long enough to cover my butt in my yoga pants - which is important because as a yoga instructor i wear them all day everyday, everywhere. i hate it when dudes stare at my butt in the grocery or home depot so long shirts are my friend. plus, it kind of makes me look more "dressed" than i am when i am running all over town to my clients' homes.

i usually don't like any kind of turtle-neck either but the cowl on this thing is just too major to ignore - i could hide small children in here... like a papoose!

i've noticed that many bloggers enjoy seeing other people's homes and stuff. while my house is beginning to come together - slowly but surely - i am not ready to do any kind of house tour so instead i figure i'll just do small bits and pieces that i like. vignettes i suppose!
here is my camera collection (housed in my bedroom):

and here is a bit of the guest bedroom:

this weekend i am going to work on a few DIY projects and hopefully some christmas presents too! i actually thrifted a few gifts yesterday. i know that may seem cheap to some folks but if you are in a second hand store and you find something in great condition at an unbelievable price that you just *know* that certain someone on your list is going to love, who CARES if someone loved it before they did?! my family is pretty used to my thrift addiction and they don't take offense. i think if anything they've been a bit impressed!

here's to a thrifty, merry holiday season - don't sweat the small stuff folks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

sequins all day

I just bought waaaaay too much at the thrift. way.
but here's why:
there were all of these awesome things like this black sequined bolero jacket slash cardigan!
(I'm trying to hide my face with my hair cause I'm having a bad face day)

it's short enough to be flattering and has these great almost bell-like sleeves that can either snap at the wrist or not

and it's open weave so it's not TOO blingy.
(that's my Whitsun shirt showing through making it look like a checker board)

my point is: I think I want to wear it everyday with everything.

what do we think: daytime sequins? too much? discuss.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

getting back on the horse

i haven't sewn anything in quite some time and decided i better get back to it... only to discover i'd lost my touch. sad. i know i'll get it back after i sew a bit more but this incredibly easy jumper was way more trouble to sew than it should've been!
here's the 80's looking pattern (which is actually from the late 70's):

i thought that if i shortened it and wore it with a tie-neck blouse, white tights and little black mary jane heels it would look less 80's and more 60's.... we'll see!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

all hail the "junk drawer organizer"!

i found one of those "junk drawer organizers" at the thrift store and snatched it up to organize.... well, our junk drawer, of course! it's the kind with all of the little compartments and a smaller tray that sits on top of the larger tray and slides back and forth so you can get to all of the junk below. i have always loved any kind of office supply or storage system, cubby, pocket, or box meant to make my life appear more "together" than it really is. well, this guy proved so useful that the next time i was in the thrift and spotted another one i bought it too.
it sat and sat just awaiting it's drawer and when i began to organize my dressing room it's time finally came! i have now gone and purchased another (as well as some smaller organizing "cups" that click together in any arrangement your drawer needs) to organize

my (everyday) makeup drawer:

my hair do-dads:
baby bobbie pins are hidden in the mini-altoids tin and great for throwing in your purse for 'dos on the go!

and my jewelry:
sorry this one's sideways!
lois is, as always, a great necklace holder and the hand my grandma gave me (okay, i spotted it on her dresser and asked if i could have it -!) is great for my rings.

i used to work as a makeup artist for MAC so i have a LOT of cosmetics. all of the makeup and hair products i don't use all that often are found in the drawer system lois sits on and my hair dryer, straightener and brushes and combs just sit in a basket on the floor by the outlets for easy use.
please excuse the mess of headbands, bows, perfume, and miscellany on the vanity - there's still more to organize!

i know this post isn't thrilling in any way, but the moral of the story is: junk drawer organizers aren't just for junk - they'll do wonders for your treasures too! go get one now. meg says so.