Thursday, October 29, 2009

water fell

it's taken a few days but here are the pics from our visit to desoto falls this past sunday.

the day was GORGEOUS! crisp fall mountain air and warm sunshine make the heart smile... and being with my HUBBY makes me smile - isn't he just the cutest?!
i was worried that my thrifted oxfords would be too slick to climb around on the rocks and such safely (and they were) but there was a great trail along the top of the lookout so i got to enjoy the view too!
my grandma had a surgery today so she can begin dialysis immediately. i'm really going to try to get back into blogging but lately i've been in a stage where being a part of my day and not just reporting on it seems like the thing to do.


  1. Hi! I keep meaning to drop in and say congrats on both the house and the wedding so here I finally am... CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you guys, it looks like your having so much fun together too :)

    Well wishes to your grandma and take your time, we understand.

  2. yay good times dude!!
    im sending good vibes to the grandma! hope she will be better hugs!!

  3. Great photos, you two! 'Glad you had a good time, and loved seeing you.