Friday, October 9, 2009

random musings after red wine consumption

1- miss hathaway on the beverly hillbillies was way ahead of her time. that fur and those glasses?!

(yes, i took a photo of my tv with my phone... sorry for the blur)

um, hello mk olsen! (or maybe this is ashley... i'm confused. did i mention the red wine?!)

2- i colored my hair and cut bangs.

these days i wanna look like carey mulligan in "an education"

(this movie's going to be amaaing - i can't wait to see it!)

now, grow hair! grow! (and maybe i need to cut my bangs shorter as it grows longer... nes pas?)

3- i bought 3 amazing items at the thrift today: a(nother) faux fur, a sequined wiggle dress, and a totally cute 50's inspired dress that i am currently in l.o.v.e. with! i may just wear it while i paint the house tomorrow!

4- i lusted over these shoes for a week and tried to get p to buy them for me - and he almost did, as a belated wedding present... but i got online today and they were sold out in my size. i am heartbroken and pitiful in the worst way now. even after p kissed me on the head and told me i was "so pretty i didn't need shoes" (suck up.) i still grieve. they are still full price at victoria's secret... i'll keep and eye out.
psst: i got him this as my wedding present to him/us

it's H...U...G...E... and ohsobright and wonderful! now i just have to pay a butt load to have it professionally framed! i want to hang it in our entryway so that everytime we come home or leave home we are reminded of our wedding vows and our love... sweet :)


  1. Nice to see you, yes shorter bangs will be super cute! Those two tone glasses are kinda cool, not sure if I could rock them well enough thou.

  2. dude those shoes are awesome! ooh your new hair look lovely :)