Monday, April 27, 2009

in the beginning, i was broke.

hi, my name is meg.
i am single - but in a long-term committed relationship that is "going somewhere" - whatever that means...
i am self-employed and love my job.
i make a decent amount of money but i am horrible at saving it.
i am resourceful - i can sew and craft up just about anything you can imagine. i like problem solving my own life.
i have a shopping addiction. mainly thrift stores, but shopping nonetheless.
i don't have great credit but have been working to rebuild it.
i turn 31 in 7 days...
and i want to buy a home.

this blog is my journey through saving money and making myself financially stable. i have a few ideas about how i'm going to do it but in reality i think i'm pretty naive. hopefully this journal will help me to look at my financial life with a discerning eye and by writing in a public forum, i will be held accountable for my choices and joined in the celebrations of my achievements towards this goal. i welcome advice or cheerleading of any kind. i can't promise entertainment, but hopefully i can promise honesty... wish me luck!


  1. cool, can't wait to follow your year of being frugal. :-)

  2. I LOVE this new blog - and I'll be your biggest cheerleader. Will you be my cheerleader as well, and we'll take this journey together? I celebrate your efforts - and I get emotional at your wisdom and determination. That's what mothers do, you know.