Thursday, April 30, 2009

fat women, lean times?

I found this article interesting and I wonder if there is any truth to the idea that in lean economic times, men prefer women with a little more meat on their bones. I've always heard that our current trend of "thinner is better" totally goes against what we as animals should desire. I mean, a healthy woman (ie- one that is not rail thin and appears fragile) would presumably be a better able to withstand childbirth and thus reproduce - which is the MO of the animal brain. And I don't find the connection between size and financial status a far fetched idea. I just think kate is growing into her womanhood and motherhood and maybe, just maybe, all that champagne is catching up with her....

kate moss is fat? and that indicates we are poor?

Talk amongst yourselves... I'm gonna go eat my lunch (which, BTW is keeping me on a roll of eating in and saving money - I almost gave in today but resisted. Quite pathetic how hard it has been to not eat out all week!)

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