Monday, April 27, 2009

one small step for womankind

They say it's re little things that count and I'm counting on that.
One of the ways I think I'm going to try to save money (and probably the oldest and easiest in the book) is by eating out less and making meals at home. It's never to early or too late to start so today I made one of my favorite meals of all time:

the green plate special

It consists of a sandwhich made with toasted while grain bread, sliced avocado, sprouts, spinach, and lemon juice and a handful of grapes (instead of chips) on the side... who knows, maybe I'll lose weight on my money diet and end up rich AND thin!

Another stride I took today was an easy one: I set up Auto-Pay on two of my monthly bills. It's an easy way to insure you don't waste money on late fees but my biggest concern now is remembering when they will be autodrafted and making sure I don't accidentally overdraw my checking account- because those are some hefty fees!

Next, I went to and I checked on my latest FICO score. I signed up for this service(as well as quite a while back and I have found both to be very helpful. I have one remaining "Score Power Report" to view on but for some reason it won't let me look at it - annoying. I need to see if an old credit card account has rolled off my credit history yet. I seem to remember that some old accounts will be removed from your credit history after 10 years and I am hoping this is one of them. If not, I probably need to just own up to the debt and pay it so that it will look better on my credit history when I attempt to get a morgage. Does anybody know the truth about that? Did I make it up? Does it only apply to certain debts? 
I need to go look in my Suze Orman book and see if she mentions it. She's not my favorite, but it's the only (or shall I say first of many to come?!) financial book I own. 

In other news, as I have been sitting around dreaming of ways to save money I got a call from a client who needs me to babysit this evening. I was really looking forward to a night in with my boyfriend but I think it was just too serendipitous that here I was thinking of ways to fatten up my savings account and a chance to make money landed in my lap - I couldn't pass it up. Normally I would've decided that my time was worth more than the little bit of money I would make in the few hours staying with someone else's kids but I guess it's time to rethink that whole scale. 

Every penny counts. Something is better than nothing. If you are thinking "something's gotta change," chances are it's you. 

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