Wednesday, September 30, 2009

remember me?

i'm sorry i haven't kept up the blog for the last few months. i thought i would blog about the process of planning the wedding and moving into the house and such but the stress of it all and the effort of just doing everything was too much and at the end of the day i just wanted and needed to turn my brain off... not rehash everything online. hope you understand and will welcome me back with open arms cause i can't wait to tell you about it all :)

okay, so here are a few updates:


the wedding was great, meaningful, fun and unique - i'll be sharing more details as i have time (and photos). i might even start a third blog dedicated to the wedding recap... we'll see!

here's a sneak peek at our AMAZING (if i do say so myself) engagement shoot
and here's one taken during our ceremony
(spoiler alert: i totally said "with this WING, i thee wed!)

promise, i will spill all the beans soon but until then i will assure you that i am staying true to my aim of not contributing to the landfills of the world by buying pre-worn! the outfit in the engagement pic, from head to toe including shoes, is totally thrifted and everything with the exception of shoes in the wedding photo is vintage! (i say "totally" but you know i don't include undies in that evaluation - i don't buy used undies! ewwww!)

our baby puppy is growing and growing and amusing me more and more every single day. she has such a feisty and funny personality and is totally different from her big sister. and since this is supposed to be a blog about being frugal i'll give you a tip: if you want to save money, don't adopt a "special needs" puppy. she's been very expensive - but totally worth it. here she is chillin' in the sun on the sofa today:

(please click to enlarge cause it's funnier when you can see it better)

we LOVE our house. sometimes i can't believe i get to live here! i never thought that my first house would be this nice or this perfect for us. i promised those who know me and love me that i would resist working myself up into a neverending manic episode by resisting the temptation to begin work on the house until after the wedding. this means that i basically unpacked (mostly) and just left stuff wherever it landed. so now the process begins. i will be sharing house renovations and little DIY projects as i take them on... it's gonna be a lot of work and a lot of fun.

life is good and the month of october is going to be packed with exciting things. i am SO ready for fall clothes and hats and boots, aren't you?! i'm going to try to get back on track with my frugality but in the meantime the blog may be a bit more scattered and random... not so much about saving money but how to spend it wisely to create an inspired, amazing, beautiful and enjoyable life.
remember: it's not how much you have but how you use it!


  1. i totally remember you and i've been waiting for this post! yay! so glad you gave the update and shared some pics! aww you guys are sweet in that photo! and cute is the puppy 'chillin' haha love that little paw on the sofa! too funny. hurray for lovey home dreams coming true :) and congrats on y'all making the wedding a reality and being a mr and mrs! how exciting! cant wait for the rest of the pics and the stories! hugs!

  2. Nice to hear from you, I am so glad you are hitched and starting to get settled in the new house. Hope you post again soon. ;-)

  3. I just found your update, although I'd been watching for it for months . . . but totally knew you just didn't time for it until now. Welcome back! 'Can't wait to see what's coming!