Friday, June 19, 2009

Sometimes you lose...

So today i went thrifting for the fun of it - not for the wedding... which was a relief! Lo and behold i came across this awesome shiny red gumball machine just as they were putting it out and i snatched it up - for only $5! I was feeling so spiffy and went straight to target to buy a bunch of gumballs. After spending $15 on the candy i brought it home and filled it up to give it a go. NO GO. it steals my money and gives me no gumball in exchange.... boo.

my new defective, money thievin' gumball machine
at least it looks super cool.
PS- that's how many $15 buys you at target - not much.


  1. aww thats too bad! boo!!
    i hate when i thrift and get skirts and forget to check the zippers (to see if they work) and then i get home and they're busted! argh!

  2. It is the cutest thing ever though! I would have totally grabbed it too- thieving machine or not! I want a cheap nonfunctioning one for the bathroom so I can put in little hand soaps. Saw that in a shop and just loved the idea.

  3. FYI: Multi-colored mini pompoms look just like gumballs. This is what I've filled the gumball-machine-turned-lamp in my sons' room. (I could never trust them with a machine filled with gum!)

  4. Think of it this way... now your $15 candy will last longer. It does look cute!