Friday, May 1, 2009

Ways to save

I just went to the pet store to pick up more puppy food for the little monster:

and the girl at the checkout informed me that if I buy 10 bags of Science Diet food and save my receipts then I get the 11th bag free. I usually pass these things up, thinking "who seriously has the time or the gumption to save ten receipts?" (lou!) but now that I am on a serious money-saving mission I figure I should step-up and take every offer that comes my way! Plus, she even gave me a nifty envelope to keep in my wallet to save my receipts! 
I also got my usual Starbucks (which I know I should cut out if I intend to save $ but I don't have a coffee maker yet and little monster wakes me up waaaaay to early to function without it) and they gave me a receipt with a web address to go to for a survey that, if completed, gets you a free drink. Again, I would usually throw that receipt right in the trash but not today my friends, today I will rise to the challenge and go the extra mile for the love of money!
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