Thursday, December 10, 2009

sequins all day

I just bought waaaaay too much at the thrift. way.
but here's why:
there were all of these awesome things like this black sequined bolero jacket slash cardigan!
(I'm trying to hide my face with my hair cause I'm having a bad face day)

it's short enough to be flattering and has these great almost bell-like sleeves that can either snap at the wrist or not

and it's open weave so it's not TOO blingy.
(that's my Whitsun shirt showing through making it look like a checker board)

my point is: I think I want to wear it everyday with everything.

what do we think: daytime sequins? too much? discuss.

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  1. Ohhh, I keep looking for something like this on etsy!

  2. I've been hoping to come across something like this too! I'm so jealous, and I say it's PERFECT for day. Such an awesome find!!!

    Oh, and I'm so excited to see how your tie-dye extravaganza turns out, post pics!!!

  3. To daytime sequin, or not to daytime sequin - it's all in the attitude!