Wednesday, December 16, 2009

not quite as easy as pie...

the incomparable "miss james" over at bleubird vintage (my new fav blog) made a post about these adorable pies in a jar and i just had to give them a shot. i needed something special for my clients that would be personal and yet easy on the wallet.

for the record, i am terrible in the kitchen. terrible. but i gave it my best shot:

i decided to make mine a mixture of pear and cherries. they didn't turn out as pretty as miss james' so i decided my packaging needed to make up for it. i've been on a pompom kick (as has every other crafty gal on the internet it would appear!) and used some of them to add a special something to my jars:

i also have been using my pompoms to spruce up my gifts! pompoms are the BEST!

i can't figure out why my pics are all going in sideways - ??? any clue? they are normal in the folder i upload them from....

1 comment:

  1. Did you taste the jar pies? I'll bet they are YUMMY, which will make them the perfect gift! Cute, cute, cute!