Monday, December 14, 2009

want a good laugh?

well, here are my tie-dyed tights:


yes, I disregarded the instructions that I should/could dye only natural materials and just went for it on those thrift store tights thinking "they've *got* to be mostly cotton with maybe some Lycra thrown it... eh, it'll be fiiiiiiine." I even gave them an extra 12 hours or so to cure so that they'd really soak up the dye.
as I rinsed them literally ALL of the color came out of them. (note: the ones on the left started off a yellowy/ivory color, not white)
sooooo, I'm off to look for inexpensive light colored 100% COTTON tights or leggings. I'm hoping to find some somewhere that are less than those at American Apparel so let me know if you've got a tip!
I haven't given up!

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  1. Oh no! That is pretty funny though :) Good luck on your next attempt!

  2. uhoh, cotton may be the better route. :-)