Friday, December 11, 2009

holy cowl!

i have not set foot into a GAP in soooo long. that was, until yesterday. i guess it is those commercials they are airing with the models in all of those cool flannel and plaid shirts layered just right... i dunno. i'm a sucker for advertising. donald draper would own me with his brilliance and i wouldn't mind one bit :)

they actually had a lot of good stuff. i ended up spending money i don't really have but i got some really great things on sale - i've kept everything in the bag with the tags on except this big ole sweater that i have already found perfect for a cold day when you just don't feel like messing with a coat. the major plus for me is that it's long enough to cover my butt in my yoga pants - which is important because as a yoga instructor i wear them all day everyday, everywhere. i hate it when dudes stare at my butt in the grocery or home depot so long shirts are my friend. plus, it kind of makes me look more "dressed" than i am when i am running all over town to my clients' homes.

i usually don't like any kind of turtle-neck either but the cowl on this thing is just too major to ignore - i could hide small children in here... like a papoose!

i've noticed that many bloggers enjoy seeing other people's homes and stuff. while my house is beginning to come together - slowly but surely - i am not ready to do any kind of house tour so instead i figure i'll just do small bits and pieces that i like. vignettes i suppose!
here is my camera collection (housed in my bedroom):

and here is a bit of the guest bedroom:

this weekend i am going to work on a few DIY projects and hopefully some christmas presents too! i actually thrifted a few gifts yesterday. i know that may seem cheap to some folks but if you are in a second hand store and you find something in great condition at an unbelievable price that you just *know* that certain someone on your list is going to love, who CARES if someone loved it before they did?! my family is pretty used to my thrift addiction and they don't take offense. i think if anything they've been a bit impressed!

here's to a thrifty, merry holiday season - don't sweat the small stuff folks!


  1. photos are adorable! and i love your dark(er) hair with just the right amount of bounce in it :) love you!

  2. I'm with you, I think thrifted Christmas gifts can be awesome. I was hoping to thrift some gifts this year but unfortunately I'm not having great luck with that :(

    The cowl is gorgeous and looks soooo cozy!