Friday, May 8, 2009

breaking new ground

today i did something groundbreaking... i got a price adjustment! 
i bought a dress at anthropologie to wear for my birthday and then went in today and saw it had been marked down 50%! whaaaa?! so i went back home and got my receipt and returned to the store for a price adjustment! money back! for nothing! amazing! 
i didn't even turn around and spend that money in the store. i brought it home and put it in my piggy bank :) 
(here, i'll admit that it wasn't because i didn't want to spend it or find anything i like - or because i have amazing willpower.... i just had a low-self-esteem day and didn't like how i looked in anything i tried on!)

lou is gonna be so proud of me!  yay me!


  1. Yea, You! The piggy bank LOVES to have a full tummy! And when his tummy is all filled up, you can go back to Anthro. and spend guilt-free!

  2. I AM so proud of you. It feels good to stick it to the man, don't it?


  3. Yea, congrats lady that is so tough.
    I took my man to get khakis at the gap yesterday, at the register they told me I'd get 50% off a top when you buy it with a pant. so i went and looked at tops but decided i didnt need one since it's a waste of money, yeah!

  4. cool new blog! i try so hard too and would love to read what you are up to! will be looking forward to visiting :)