Friday, May 29, 2009

quick like a band aid

i've decided that less is more... as in: the less i look around and try to search out all the possibilities of how to get hitched, the more sane i will be. 

in fact, i'm going to make a new nickname for myself concerning this whole shabang: the decider. 
maybe i'll even get an awesome wrestler mask! no, too scary... and hot. i'll just stick with the name.... ok, and maybe i'll make myself a name tag to wear when i need to step into "decisive bride-to-be mode"! kind of like beyonce has her sassy stage alter ego, "sasha fierce"!!!

anyway, i'm going to try to be as decisive and quick as i can because if i give it too much thought i'll get completely overwhelmed. 

so far i'm pretty set on:
  • outdoors
  • vintage/country/boho/hippie kind of vibes
  • DIY as much as possible
and invites like these from hatch show print:
(click the link above and browse awesomeness)

i saw this image posted on the and i knew immediately this is the look i had been searching for. i also felt it was kismet because the date on this invite is may 24, 2008 and we got engaged on may 24, 2009 - i'm one of those hippies who believes in "signs" ;)
if we end up having a very intimate ceremony with just a very limited number of invites going out followed by a larger party with more invites going out i will probably splurge for the ceremony invites from hatch and then see if i can do the save the date cards, RSVP cards, directions, and then the "big party" invites myself. i've seen these martha stewart stamps at michaels and i think that they will blend nicely with the hatch print ones and give the same vibe. 
i just hope it doesn't turn out like most of my DIY efforts and end up costing more money and time than if i had just had them done professionally! i always want things to be so perfect that i end up overdoing it and missing the point....
i already have the clear stamp holder. so just getting the stamps and inks and paper is next. oh, and the hardest part: designing them. eeeks. 

tonight my BFF and i are going to get together to browse some wedding etiquette books (but NOT bridal magazines - i won't go near them) at the book store. i think we are going to try to make some very preliminary invite lists just so i can get an idea of how many people i'm really looking at. oh this is gonna be tough... but fun. 
now if only i can get p on board to start thinking about his invite list we'll really be on a roll :)

i thought we had a **PERFECT** location picked out last night but it's in a dry county (no alcohol allowed) and you can only do a champagne toast. p works in wine and we are drinkers so that nixed that locale! now we are exploring other ideas including the cheapest of all: my mom's new house with a few acres of land. it would just mean asking people to travel about an hour and a half. do you guys think that's too much?! **comments welcome**

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  1. no i dont think its too much for them to drive out! its a wedding! its a special moment that one is willing to drive to a far off place to be a part of! i say its totally ok! and if the price if right! $0! then it makes total sense! as i said in an earlier comment i eloped but a firend of mine threw us a 'wedding' party! and it was a bit far for some but SINCE we eloped most people really wanted to be a part of the party and didnt consider the drive as an issue!
    i often get invites to weddings that happen to be in another city! its kinda fun to go out of town for a wedding! :)