Friday, May 29, 2009

just imagine it:

what if we had a small -very intimate, family and close friends only- ceremony in the morning here:
**imagine me in that dress from the previous post standing in front looking like a wood nymph :) :) :)**

followed by a festive reception/party at my mom's with lots of friends?!... and drinks, and music, and sparklers, and dancing, and my puppies?!


  1. lovely! how perfect!!
    and in regards to your last post i also meant to add : yes! you should totally be in desisive bride to be mode!! all the way!! one of the reasons we eloped was because there was so much to figure out that it was just too too much and we were both upset, discouraged, irritated and really starting to think it was a bad idea this whole wedding thing, then of course we said yes we want to be married to each other ok so lets make this happen! and we ditched the big wedding we even ditched the small wedding since even THAT was too much and eloped! but now i wish we couldve had the small intimate wedding if only we couldve been more able to make decisions and stick to them!

  2. thanks for all of your encouraging comments elena-lu! it means so much!