Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i love my:

(the skyline one in the middle)

not only is it more environmentally friendly but it's more cost effective as well! i have been meaning to carry a water bottle for quite some time now - and i would be good about it for about a day or two - but it never stuck. well, that's because i didn't truly love my water bottle until now. most of the ones i've had in the past you have to screw/unscrew the top and it's a hassle. others, like the oggi one i'd been eyeing, have very small openings and are difficult to clean inside. and still some just weren't pretty enough to make me happy to see it and carry it around all day. 
the Nathan one is the best i've found. it's got a flip up straw for quick and easy drinking, it has a large opening so it's easy to clean, it came with 3 straws so if one gets icky i can just swap it out, it has a built in clip and finger loop for super portability, it's lightweight and keeps water cold, and it's pretty so i like looking at it and carrying it around. 
no more plastic bottles!


  1. I still LOVE this blog! It's inspirational to me, so please keep it up! Love you!

  2. Taking your own drink with you has to save a fortune in the long run.

  3. Caring around a canteen is great, I do it everyday!! Saves money andddd makes you drink more water.

    Thanks for letting me in on Painfully Hip girls coming to town, please please please let me know for sure! I am moving to Atlanta soon and would also like to join in on that trip too. eeee! I'm so excited!

    email me at Jmarie1486@gmail.com and we can exchange numbers!

    jess s//