Wednesday, June 3, 2009

freaking out, part one (of a million more to come)

so the madness has begun and i've started looking at other dresses and now my head is all turned around because there are a million different ways to go... country, mod, boho, hippie, classic, ethereal... who knows?! 
the real kicker is that the dress i want most at this moment is this one from fleur wood

and it's sold out. 

so this morning i bought this dress from etsy (click to enlarge):

now if only i were a tall gorgeous dark skinned woman with an amazing fro....

 i really wanted this one from shripton couture because it's daisy-like but dressier... but, wouldn't ya know it, it too is sold out:

(this one has amazing details so if you have time click the link to see the other pics of it)

i am thinking that i could do a bit more of a yellow color scheme and that the daisy dress can be both country AND mod if done right.... i'm thinking of super cute pics on my vespa and standing outside a barn...  and if i don't wear it for the big day i know i'll wear it sometime cause it's just so damn cute! TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the first i know, but that's because i can be any kind of gal on any given day so i like all of these styles. how will i ever choose?!

i've been obessed with a mountain bride and snipet and ink these days. amazing sources of inspiration! it's like amazing stylish women did all the legwork for me and found all the best stuff on the internet :)

in good news:
last night p and i went to his mom's to begin making our invite list and it is not as bad as i originally thought. it looks like maybe we can invite everyone we really wanted to without going coo-coo-crazy. she was great about everything. 
one of my clients has a farm about an hour and a half south of us that she has offered for us to use for free for the big day!!!! AND... it has a chapel built in 1890 on the property!!!! we are going to drive down there to check it out this saturday so cross your fingers that it is just what we are looking for so we can get the locale nailed down. once we do, it will then determine a lot more about the # of invites, the theme/feel of the day and even the food and decorating decisions. oh gee, i hope it's what i'm imagining... or at least workable! 

and lastly, i have gone berzerk at the thrift.
this is just the very tip of a very large iceberg.

i stocked up on jars a plenty to make lanterns out of.

and glass canisters to serve vintage style candies in.

and an old school desk so i can totally rip off this idea:
and vintage sheets to use as the backdrops for photos or for tablecloths!

my sweet ellie was kind enough to soak all of the jars, peel off all the thrift store stickers, AND wash them all by hand!

she is a gift from the heavens i tell ya! :) THANKS E! YOU RULE BY MAKING MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!


  1. Hmm...what about calling/emailing those places to see if they intend to bring them back in stock? Maybe if they have enough interest they'll do it.

    Have you thought about doing one of those virtual inspiration boards? Am loving that Mountain Bride blog...

  2. oh i rememeber seeing those weddings in Simple magazine was it?? i dont rememebr but yeah the one that had a school theme and the print one yeah that was so cool and i had that one as a guide for mine (that didnt happen)too cause i thought how simple to hang some fun fabric and voila you have this instant ambiance!
    um yeah you gotta lotta jars there girly! :)
    have you thought about luminarias? i have tons of those around (you know tin can with holes punched) but ive let mine rust (A LOT!) before hand and i just love how they look!
    but as far as time yeah the jars are faster!
    how cool is this farm thingy yeah!! score on that one!! totally will be hoping it is all you want will check back after the weekend to see what you post about it!
    eeeep! if it works wow can you imagine with it having the church?! oh wow!!! thats like so dreamy and magical! yay!!!!
    dont worry about the dress just yet because i think once you see the farm and church then you will know what direction you want everything to go AND REMEMBER YOU ARE GOING TO BE DECISIVE BRIDE GIRL! cape and everything! you are the fighter of indecision! the defender of swift action! the confronter of wishywashy-ism (ok that one didnt work as well)
    you can DO this!

  3. Wow, you are not messin' around with this planning business! I LOVE all your ideas! That first dress you bought is a dream, love it... it's totally right up my alley and you can't beat 80 bucks!

    We were offered a farm to use for free for our wedding location too. I hope this one works out for you!!! I think if you're open to them and not too rigid about what you need to have, the right things will come along and in the end make for a perfect day.

    My bit of advice would be to have all the fun planning and preparing but keep in mind that it is likely inevitable that not everything will go as planned so on the day if you can let go of all your expectations and experience the day for what it is I think you'll get the most out of it all :)

  4. Meg,
    I am truely excited about your wedding. I think it is going to be super stylish, hip and beautiful! I like the firt dress for the actual wedding and mabey on of the others for a rehersal dinner or party. Also, I tried to comment the other day but my comment was erased- but I was going to let you know th price of a flat of coke in a bottle at Sam's- $39. I saw it and wanted to but it for you...
    Oh- I can also save jars- babyfood ones are nice and simple- let me know :)

  5. Crap- sorry about all my misspellings- I'm always in a time pinch- hope you can decipher.