Friday, June 5, 2009

back on track...

oh yeah, this blog was supposed to be about buying our first house.... about that:
we really want/need to buy a house before we get married. 
i know that sounds backwards from how most people would do it but we have a very good reason: if we spend a lot of money on the wedding (which we aren't planning to, but i'm finding it's a slippery slope) then our financial outlook won't look as nice to lenders. plus, on the super practical side it's nice to take care of the needs in life before you take care of the wants... and as big of a "want" as it is, a wedding isn't really as important as a home of our own. i think it will be a good thing if we can buy a house first because once that money is shelled out and we are officially homeowners, i think it will really make me count my pennies on the wedding front. i won't get to indulge or find myself going off budget because i simply won't be able to - ah, restraint without willpower required! 

here is the house we are seeing this afternoon:

i looooove a good rancher and i have a pretty nice collection of mid-century modern home decor that would be perfect in a house like this! i'm trying not to get my hopes up though because i've learned that you can't really tell jack about a house until you are standing physically inside of it. photos lie. it looks great online and i've driven by it (about 5 times in less than 24 hours... slowly.) and the location is a dream for us. it's on the outskirts of a nice part of town so we get the cool address but a cheaper price. but best of all it's practically across the street from the elementary school and just down the street from the library and park! score! 

i'll report back asap and let you know what we think after we see it this afternoon. p's ready to buy the thing today so i'm going to have to keep a lid on us both ;)