Wednesday, June 17, 2009

eh, it'll do!

so it's no great outfit or photo or revelation, but here is a little pic to break up the endless babble about houses and weddings and stress. this sweater/poncho thing was a recent thrift find. i threw it on over a tank top and jeans for a cookout in the courtyard of our apartments and got two interesting comments that night: 
  1. (from p) you look like a 70's kindergarten art teacher. (he meant this as a compliment.)
  2. (from my too-honest friend, josh) i'm diggin your look tonight. your outfit is, like, groovy but you've got your hair pulled back like a mormon housewife... but it works. (i'm not sure if this was a compliment.)
i was tempted to belt it at first, but it looked super silly when i did. i was tired and ready for a beer and relaxation so i didn't work too hard at it... maybe next time i'll put in a little effort! 

i'll be back with more insanity soon - we should deliver our "post inspection addendum" to the sellers today....

1 comment:

  1. ok this is gonna sound sooooooooooooooo crazy but i saw the pic i immediately thought of a card from you know a deck of cards kind of card! cause of the B and A on each corner (ok so a deck of cards have symbols not letters) and the king and queen have the long robe and the king is holding a septor or something and you've got the drink and... yeah ok i know im weird.