Friday, June 5, 2009

list of wishful thinking

things i will look forward to when we have a house:
  • being able to let the dogs run around in the backyard as opposed to having to walk them around the park on leashes
  • a laundry room!!! i will cry the first time i can wash and dry in my own home again!
  • (hopefully) a dishwasher - i don't hate washing dishes but that's probably only because we never cook and thus don't have many dishes to wash. but once we have a house we'll be eating in all the time so i hope we have one.
  • a place for my vespa... that isn't my living room. i'm serious. there is currently a huge scooter in my living room. 
  • painting, decorating and hanging light fixtures! i want light fixtures!
  • having people over - right now we don't because there's not room and we are embarrassed by how far we've let our place go since we have a mental exit date - it's pathetic.
  • (hopefully) a guest room. i have NO idea where my friend clare is going to sleep when she comes to visit because as it stands right now, we have no guest room and such a tiny living room that we don't even have a full size sofa for her to sleep on... and she's really tall!
  • starting a garden! this is a must!


  1. Ah yes, light fixtures... the icing on the cake! We've been shopping for new kitchen ones :)

  2. Good list, I have my bike in my living room!

  3. oh wow that sounds a lot like mine! we are talks of buying a lot to build a little home but we wouldnt be building for a few years BUT we'd have the property and thats a start