Saturday, June 6, 2009

in the blackbelt

today we travelled down to the blackbelt of alabama to check out the farm that we are hoping to use for our wedding. it was a GORGEOUS day in the south and the drive was so nice. first we went to the chapel - built in 1859. 

i'm a total weirdo with an affinity for cemeteries so i just had to go over to check it out. the oldest grave we found was from the very early 1800's - i meant to remember the date but there was so much going on in my brain today i've now forgotten it. anyway, here it is:

inside the chapel. it had that "old" smell but it was very authentic feeling and the history is so rich i didn't mind at all.

next we went to the "white house" to check it out as a spot to hold our reception. we are thinking of throwing the front doors open and having tons of candles all over and putting up a tent with seating outside. 

you can't really see it here, but we could use the back porch and the porch area of this little shed to set up the buffet and bar areas. and in between the main house and the shed is a little fire pit that would be great for s'mores :)

selfishly, i'd have to admit my favorite part of the day was stopping by the roadside to pick a wildflower bouquet! pretty, pretty!

and in other crazy exciting news...
we put an offer on the house and should know something by 6pm tomorrow. 
any form of prayer, well wishes, or happy/lucky vibes sent our way will be greatly appreciated! wish us well - we really want this!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Everything is BEAUTIFUL! Chapel is much more modern than I envisioned, but absolutely lovely. And I'm eagerly awaiting news on the house. What a wonderful day!

  2. all kinds of prayers and good vibes your way absolutely!! wow this could be it!! exciting!!
    and how lovely is that chapel and house and land yes very lovely, this is a dream to have your wedding at this farm! its going to be so so beautiful! oh this is so so exciting yay im so living vicariously haha selfish i know but you bring me joy by sharing all the details of the planning! thank you :)

  3. Just hooked you up with prayer action!

  4. It's all coming together, sister!

    Love it!

  5. and it's a presbyterian church / cemetery .. i'll be right at home :) it's beautiful, i can't wait to hear all the details in person!!!!!!!! i loveee youuuu!

  6. I love that location!!!

    p.s saw a great post on circus weddings and instantly thought of you~