Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm stealing a friend's idea & posting gratitudes to keep my chin up & remind me what's really important.
1- spending time with Ellie going to lunch, the antique store, the farmers market, and grilling out!
2- her silly jokes to cheer me up & a hankerchief when I cried.
3- work. yoga saves me time after time after time. I am eternally grateful to my teachers and my students.
4- kind words from friends on facebook & this blog- some from people I don't even really know (elena-lu)- make my day so much better!
5- a moment with my client's daughter, hanging out in their backyard looking at fish in the pond & dangling our feet in the pool!
6- the beautiful picture she colored for me!
7- hugs from P even when I'm anxious & therefore an angry monster.
8- frosties!
9- clean sheets on the bed
10- a chance to be better tomorrow

** we are about to accept the counter-counter-counter-offer on the house!!! still holding my breath until all of the inspections & such are done but it's pretty tremendous we are this close so soon! we only first looked at it Friday :) I think I may need constant reminders to breathe until the day we close on this house- it's all so new & exciting but foreign and stress-inducing! Ack!!!**

-posted with help from my robot