Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mush brain

i know i need to post some pics soon because the words are just getting to be too much! i need a good "outfit post" asap! 
til then, i will fill you in on the day's events:
  • we had the inspection on the house today and i think that overall it was what one would expect. there are things that need to be addressed but overall no "deal breakers" - WHEW! we will present them with a short list and then wait and see what happens. who knows! maybe they'll be totally obliging and everything will roll smoothly... see what i did there? turned that mental frown upside down - booyah!
  • i went to anthropologie for a little inspiration and visual treat after work. i wasn't intending to buy anything at all, i swear!... but then i spied a lace vest in the sale room that was $9.99! so, small treat for me to ease the stress :) outfit post to follow soon! 
thanks for the thoughts and prayers - keep 'em coming! still a bit undecided about the wedding stuff. i reserved the park spaces for september 18th but p has been working such insane hours and i've been so preoccupied with the house stress that we haven't really sat down and decided if we are going to go for it or not. it's my bet that we will, but right now i can't even think about it - my brain is mush. 

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  1. yes i do think about you (isnt it weird i dont know you only through the blog and yet i feel like i know you and even when im not in front of my computer looking at your blog im like hmm wonder if she talked to minnie, hmm hope they get that house etc!)and i send you good vibes of course! its crazy how the house came about so soon i might have some good news to share as well but im not for sure until july so im keeping mum!