Sunday, November 29, 2009

bad blogger

well guys, I guess I told a small fib when I said I'd show you the "innards" of my dressing room- oopse! time got away from me over the holiday and I never got around to it. I am aiming for tomorrow... but for now here's an outfit post of what I've worn on my last day of holiday to brunch and chill out. see you tomorrow when I'm back to "regular programming"!

this is my TJ Maxx necklace I like to pretend is a J.Crew baubble!

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  1. i love that first picture where you've got sunglasses on but there are glasses on the dresser! and i love stripes so this is so so cute to me i would so wear this out in a heart beat! you look adorable

  2. I love the skirt, super cute outfit!