Sunday, November 8, 2009

down with love - up with fashion

i'd forgotten how much i looooove watching this silly movie! it got awful reviews and i see why... it's so cheeky and obvious... but that's why i love it all the more. well, that and the gorgeous clothes and interiors! see what i mean:

these are from

and these beauties are screen shots taken with my iphone :)

i so want to live in this world!
but for now my white walls and pops of color via my books will have to do:


  1. omg!! i havent ever found anyone that has watched this movie but me!!!!! isnt it the best??!! i love love love love love it! eeee! i love your screenshots! ok so how awesome is it that they do that little fashion show when they take their coats off at the restaurant?! and that whole ending with the red hair! haha! somewhere in between a blond and a brunette! heehee!

  2. most people i know haven't seen it or don't like it so it's exciting for me that you like it too!.... and the little fashion show with the coats - YES! it's one i can just throw in the dvd player while i'm doing something else and just laugh and sneak peeks of awesomeness!

  3. yes, I love it too but mostly just for the wardrobe and sets! :)