Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i want! but don't need....

first things first.
i want/need these shoes in the most urgent, desperate way... they are so ugly cool.

unfortunately for me, my pocketbook and i are not in agreement on this point... not yet anyway... i'm gonna see if i can convince it soon!

but before i do that i have a different expense to set my sights on (pun intended!):
i got these glasses at the thrift store several months ago and have been meaning to get my prescription in them but my busy "summer of life changing events" kinda got in the way... :)

well, coming across this photo of the lovely grace kelly made me pull my glasses out of hiding and wear them around the house til i got dizzy from the strong lenses that are in them currently!
isn't she just so perfectly geek-chic here?! i looove it! i am going to try to drop mine off by the end of the week so i can start wearing them headache-free asap!

(thrifted head to toe - click to enlarge)

PS- here's my few favorite thrift find. for some reason the weather here has decided it's not ready to be autumnal so it's gone back to feeling like summer... hmmmm.


  1. I don't know about those shoes..... I like the eyeglasses.

  2. ah-ha-ha! your honesty is appreciated :)