Wednesday, November 18, 2009

downtown girl... gossip girl

another outfit post to bore you with ;)
this one features a dress i made from a 70's pattern... it's HUGE and perfect for fat days and/or a brunch where you fully expect your belly to need mucho room to hold all of the goodness you are about to consume. (that was me) i'm ready for the weekend. how about you?

and on a TOE.TALL.EEE different note: how disappointed are we in serena van der woodsen?! i mean, 1: he's MARRIED and 2: he's not even cute.
let's take a look, shall we?

trip and his "congressman style" don't excite me.... serena's cleavage... well, maybe.

nate and his bed head? yes, please.
and dan in this get-up - I PAUSED IT ON MY DVR TO LAUGH OUT LOUD!

what do you think? if you *had* to choose one which would it be?


  1. Uh Oh! I commented to the wrong post (see 'random outfit post') So I'll repeat - if the dress has a curved yoke in front, it's the same one I made several times around 1973 - AND I USED IT TO HIDE A BABY BUMP FOR ABOUT 3 MONTHS! (Not hinting at anything, mind you!)

  2. I'm just wondering where the real people are who have these crazy 3 word last names: Van Der...whatevs!