Thursday, November 19, 2009

husband of the millenium

my husband (still so odd to say!) is a saint. he is giving and patient and just all around wonderful!
case in point: this last weekend he helped me MAKE A HOME FOR MY SHOES!!!!
behold the glory but don't stare too long or you might go blind with jealousy.

and not only that, but said shoe closet is in the downstairs basement room that he has so graciously given me full use of to make half my personal dressing room (!!!!!!! I'm so posh- expect the tour to be in In Style soon! okay maybe not...) and the other half will be my office.
I'm a lucky lucky wife!
sorry to rub it in.

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  1. The envy is eating me alive - not only because of the awesome shoe storage, but that you have sooooo many amazing shoes that are (apparently, because you wear them!) comfortable! Finding even one pair, short of sneakers, that don't kill me is my lifelong search. (And yes, you DO have a saint for a hubby - I told you he was worth waiting for!)