Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm high as a kite right now!

high on the incredible joy of getting TONS of free beauty products from your generous and amazing best friend! my anonymous friend has worked VERY hard at her job this year and has earned every bit of the perks she gets in return... me? I'm just damn lucky she likes me so much and I therefore get to enjoy those perks as well!

bask in the glory of the "perks" I brought home after lunching at her work:

ROC products I currently use and love but was running low on.

a freakin' ZENO!!! I've been breaking out a lot lately and have been dying to try this baby out! neck cream (my mom will understand this) and "oxygen" eye masks.

ELNET! every beauty blogger on earth raves about this stuff but I didn't buy it because it was $16 a bottle. and morrocan oil that my hairdresser had previously given me to try -and I loved- but I couldn't justify the cost!

two perfumes- we'll see how they go with my odd body chemistry.....

and a beautiful Dior eyeshadow quad, two nail polishes, and a lovely shimmer powder that's perfect for the holidays!
PLUS a secret eye cream that's not out on the market yet (and therefore I have been told not to name) that my friend has tried and says will apparently change my life! or at least my developing crow's feet and dark circles ;)


lastly, here's a shoddy pic of my outfit today

and what I wore yesterday

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