Sunday, November 1, 2009

last night's costume

i was really distracted this year and didn't really feel like i was in the halloween spirit at all... which is totally unlike me. i was much later than usual putting up my decorations and then when i did, i did about half as much as i used to.
every halloween that p and i have been together i have planned and made our costumes to coordinate: zombie prom king & queen, the rhinestone cowboy & an indian girl, good & evil unicorns....
but this year i just didn't have the spirit :(
luckily, halloween is a time of miracles and mischief and magic! not only did p pull a great costume together all by himself (he went as his brother - which if you know them is much funnier than it reads) but i pulled together costumes for myself and miss lou too!
sadly, i was cameraless so i only have pics she sent me from our photo session of hilarity - none of p - but when i get some other folks' pics i'll be sure to post a pic of the two of them together just so you guys can see! he was a big hit!

i found a wig at the drug store on halloween day for $2.50 and decided i would go as marsha brady:

in an effort to save money, i decided i didn't want to buy anything much for a costume this year but just work with what i already had. lucky for me, i already own lots of great vintage i could pull from. i decided to wear a cute little outfit that i got last year off etsy because as much as i want it to fit, it's just too small to wear out as anything but a costume.
here are the results:

(click to enlarge)

we were under some florescent lights so everything looks all washed out, but my wig was more "marsha" colored and i think it worked out! what's funny is that i looked less like marsha and more like MY MOM in that wig... so funny! here's a link for you to see what i'm talking about!
ooohhhh, how it made me wish i had kept to the original plan of not cutting bangs and growing my hair out this way! **shakes fist** whyyyyyyy???? did i do that?!
ANYHOW.... for lou, we pulled together a very respectable peggy olsen look. again, everything is from my stash of vintage and everyday stuff:

she wears vintage so well!

we had such a good time goofing off in someone else's basement while everyone else was upstairs having a party that i think people thought we were up to no good down there. the process of getting this shot was enough to make both of us almost pee our pants :)

i don't know why, but it was the funniest thing ever last night!
oh well! i hope all of you had super fun halloweens... already looking forward to next year :)

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  1. adorable, can tell who you are instantly too! :-)